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San Diego / La Jolla Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Many of our La Jolla and San Diego breast augmentation patients have questions regarding the safety or efficacy of the breast implants procedure. Dr. William Umansky and Dr. Jeffrey Umansky believe that patient education is an important part of any surgery, and strive to provide as much information as possible throughout the treatment process. Women interested in breast augmentation often feel overwhelmed by the many different decisions they must make regarding the size, shape, type, and placement of their implants. To help patients considering breast augmentation in San Diego, we have compiled a selection of frequently asked questions and answers from our talented doctors.

If you have additional questions, contact our center in La Jolla, San Diego to discuss breast augmentation and implants with a member of our team.

Click here to watch a video on breast augmentation at Umansky Medical Center for Plastic Surgery.

Q: What are breast implants?

A: Breast implants are pouches filled with saline solution, silicone gel or cohesive gel (gummy bear implants) that are surgically implanted in or under the chest tissue in order to increase the size of the breasts and/or improve the breasts' shape.

Q: What is the difference between saline and silicone implants?

A: Breast implants made of saline are filled with a sterile saltwater solution. Silicone breast implants, on the other hand, are comprised of silicone gel – a substance derived from the combination of a naturally-occurring element known as "silicon" with oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. Both types of implants can be either smooth or textured, round or contoured and high or standard profile.

Saline and silicone implants do differ in terms of the way they react to ruptures and their reaction to surrounding breast and scar tissue. A rupture in a saline implant produces a noticeable amount of deflation. Silicone breast implants, meanwhile, tend to rupture silently, meaning that leaks are not readily apparent or easily identifiable. In addition, silicone implants are more likely to cause capsular contracture – a condition where the breast implant becomes distorted as a result of hardened scar tissue.

In addition to silicone and saline implants, there is a third type of breast implant now available called a cohesive gel implant, commonly known as the “gummy bear” implant because of its similarities to the popular candy of the same name. Cohesive gel implants are high-strength silicone gel implants that were designed to look and feel like more natural breasts. “Gummy bear” implants were recently approved by the FDA.

Please contact Umansky Medical Center for Plastic Surgery to speak with a member of our staff about the benefits and risks associated with both saline, silicone breast and gummy bear implants.

Q: Are silicone breast implants safe?

A: In November 2006, the Federal Drug Administration approved the silicone breast implants manufactured by Mentor® and Inamed® again. Silicone implants were originally banned from consumer use due to dangers and health risks associated with silent ruptures. However, following a decade of research, the FDA re-authorized the use of silicone breast implants for patients 22 years of age and older. They are also approved for use in breast reconstruction patients who are 18 years old and older.

Recognized for their excellence in performing breast augmentation procedures, our San Diego breast implants specialists were among a select few doctors chosen to participate in clinical studies to test the silicone implants made by both companies. We are proud to offer Inamed® and Mentor® silicone implants for breast augmentation surgery.

If you would like more information about the safety of silicone, please contact our practice in La Jolla, San Diego for a breast implants consultation.

Q: Are there different types of breast implants?

A: Breast implants are offered in several different shapes and textures. Breast implants (including Saline, Silicone, Cohesive Gel and Gummy Bear Implants) can be contoured, round, smooth or textured. Contoured implants, sometimes called teardrop implants because of their shape, were designed to better mimic the natural curve of breasts.

Teardrop implants are fuller in size along the bottom and more tapered toward the top. They tend to rotate within the pocket of breast tissue and distort the breast. As a result, teardrop implants have a textured surface. Contoured implants are also more likely to ripple, and are not often used by our La Jolla / San Diego breast augmentation surgeons.

Textured surfaces on a breast implant are meant to create cohesion between the implant and the surrounding tissue. This was believed to prevent capsular contracture, however, this has not been satisfactorily proven. Some round implants can also be textured, however, approximately 90 percent of breast augmentation patients select smooth round implants.

Our breast implant surgeons have extensive experience with a full selection of low, moderate, plus, and high profile breast implants. Whether you are looking for a more pronounced bust line or a subtle enhancement, the team at Umansky Medical Center in La Jolla will customize the breast augmentation procedure to suit your needs.

The most important aspect of selecting an appropriate breast implant includes determining the look you wish to achieve after surgery. It is highly recommended that you discuss all your options with one of our breast augmentation surgeons in order to gain a better understanding of the pros and cons of the procedure and to help you make the best possible decision.

Q: How long does it take to recover from breast augmentation surgery?

A: Recovery following breast augmentation surgery varies depending upon the patient. The initial days of recovery following the procedure are considered the most uncomfortable, however, pain can be reduced by ingesting medication provided by your doctor. Most of our La Jolla / San Diego breast augmentation patients are able to operate a motor vehicle within three to five days of the procedure and often can return to other activities such as work within a week. In order to maximize their results and prevent complications from arising, it is crucial that breast augmentation patients strictly adhere to all post-op instructions given by our surgeons and avoid strenuous activities.

Q: What are the risks associated with breast augmentation surgery?

A: As with all types of surgery, breast augmentation procedures do have certain risks. The potential complications that can arise with breast augmentation and breast implants include capsular contracture, rippling, rupture, infection, changes in breast sensation and displacement.

While risks are associated with breast augmentation, they can be greatly reduced when the surgery is performed by a highly experienced and skilled plastic surgeon. Contact Umansky Medical Center in La Jolla and San Diego to discuss breast augmentation complications with Drs. William or Jeffrey Umansky.

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Over the years, Drs. William Umansky and Jeffrey Umansky have become renowned as some of the best plastic surgeons in San Diego. At their soothing, elegantly appointed facility, patients can undergo a variety of breast enhancement procedures. Some of the individuals these surgeons treat more often include San Diego breast reduction and breast lift patients. In addition, they have multiple years’ experience helping male patients seeking gynecomastia treatment in La Jolla realize their dreams of a flat, masculine chest appearance.

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