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La Jolla / San Diego SmartLipo™ – Umansky Medical Center for Plastic Surgery

As some of the best plastic surgeons San Diego is home to, Drs. William and Jeffrey Umansky offer the very latest advances in body contouring technologies. Although liposuction has been an effective, proven procedure for many years, new techniques continue to reduce recovery time and improve treatment results. In addition to power-assisted and tumescent liposuction, we are now proud to offer the revolutionary SmartLipo™ in La Jolla.

SmartLipo™ in San Diego

SmartLipo™ laser liposuction targets fat cells in areas of the body that do not usually respond well to diet and exercise, such as the abdomen, arms, thighs, neck, and male chest. Depending on the needs of each San Diego laser liposuction patient, treatment is performed under general or local anesthesia. During the procedure, a tiny tube containing a laser fiber is inserted through a small incision. The energy from the laser dissolves the fat deposits so that they can be easily suctioned out. The heat from the laser then seals the blood vessels, reducing the bruising and swelling typically associated with traditional liposuction.

Other advanced liposuction techniques, including power-assisted and tumescent liposuction, can be performed in conjunction with SmartLipo™ at our La Jolla-based center in San Diego. Whether performed on its own, or combined with another treatment method such as Cellulaze in La Jolla, SmartLipo™ can provide excellent results for patients who desire slimmer, shapelier body contours.

Advantages of SmartLipo™

SmartLipo™ laser liposuction can expand the suitability of patients who may be borderline candidates for traditional liposuction methods. The SmartLipo™ laser technology reduces discomfort, shortens downtimes, and carries a lower risk of bruising. Therefore, most SmartLipo™ San Diego patients are able to return to their normal activities within a few days of treatment.

Arrange a SmartLipo™ Consultation at our La Jolla Center

We invite you to contact the Umansky Medical Center for Plastic Surgery today to arrange a personal consultation with one of our talented San Diego laser liposuction / mommy makeover specialists, Drs. William or Jeffrey Umansky. They will perform a thorough evaluation of your medical history and aesthetic goals to determine if you could benefit from SmartLipo in La Jolla.

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Over the years, the Umansky Medical Center’s San Diego / Carmel Valley cosmetic surgeons have become renowned as some of the most accomplished San Diego / La Jolla liposuction and CoolSculpting™ specialists. In addition, they enjoy a reputation as some of the best San Diego tummy tuck surgeons who use advanced techniques to promote beautiful results and reduce recovery time. At the state-of-the-art Umansky Medical Center, cosmetic surgery Encinitas and San Diego patients are also offered a range of minimally invasive procedures, such as microdermabrasion and body waxing.

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