Plastic Surgery Financing Options

Plastic Surgery Financing

At Umansky Plastic Surgery , we believe strongly in the benefits of plastic surgery, and we strive to make cosmetic procedures affordable for all patients. We are proud to offer financing options for our La Jolla / San Diego plastic surgery patients, including the CareCredit payment option. CareCredit is a credit card that is exclusively used for healthcare services to help patients receive the treatment they deserve.


CareCredit Financing

Umansky Medical Center offers CareCredit Financing solutions, a leading patient payment program. With CareCredit, patients can pay for their cosmetic procedures with several low monthly payments. Through CareCredit, we offer no-interest plans, as well as several different extended plans to suit your needs. Click to apply

Contact us at Umansky Medical Center today (858-281-4560) to learn how you can undergo cosmetic surgery procedures that are within your budget.

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Advance Care

Advance Care offers credit lines up to 12 months with no interest. Interest rates and terms are based off of your own credit history.

It’s not difficult to provide financing for those who have great credit, but what about those who have bruises on their credit score? Patient declinations can be frustrating for you, but some of these declinations can become approvals with just a little work. Here are just a few tips to increase your likelihood of being approved:

  1. Utilize co-signers when possible, listing the person with the highest credit score as the primary applicant. The better the credit score, the more favorable terms for you and the better chance for approval.
  2. Include all household income on the application. Many couples have their mortgage in both parties name, so by not including all the household income you may be unnecessarily inflating the debt to income ratio the lender will see. Lenders all have very specific debt to income ratios they review and a high ratio will result in a declination.
  3. Never describe your employment status as “unemployed”. Choose “retired”, “self-employed”, “student” or other appropriate terms to best describe your employment status. Using the term “unemployed” on a credit application is almost certain to result in a declination.
  4. Lenders look for stability in both housing and employment and usually would like to see an applicant at the same address or with the same employer for 2 to 3 years. If you have just recently moved or changed employers, it’s best to list the previous address or employer.

We hope you find these tips helpful. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or we can help in anyway.

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My Medical Funding

My Medical Funding provides an additional financing source for applicants who may not quality for the Advance Care Card or CareCredit.

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Alphaeon Credit

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