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The state-of -the-art plastic surgery facility at Umansky Medical Center attracts numerous facial rejuvenation patients every year. Drs. Jeffrey and William Umansky have helped numerous individuals from throughout Southern California take years off their faces through this procedure.

Eyelid Surgery in La Jolla: Is It For Me?

At Umansky Medical Center, we perform blepharoplasty to refine the upper and lower eyelids. The area around the eyes is particularly important to the overall appearance of the face. Puffy or wrinkled skin under the eyes and loose, sagging upper eyelid skin can make a person look tired or years older.

To decrease puffiness in the lower lid, the surgeon makes an incision along the natural crease just blow the eyelashes, and then removes excess fat and skin. Because of the placement of the incision, the fine surgical scars are usually inconspicuous. Similarly, to improve the upper lid, an incision is made in the crease above the lid. Excess skin is removed to smooth the eyelid and create a more youthful appearance. Some patients undergo this procedure in conjunction with a brow lift to give a refreshed appearance to the upper face.

If you are interested in learning more about blepharoplasty, please contact us at Umansky Medical Center to schedule a personal consultation today.

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