Benefits of DiamondGlow Treatments

If you’ve noticed that your skin is looking dull or dry as you move from the summer months into fall, you might need to think about exfoliation. Exfoliating on a regular basis offers a range of benefits to the health of the skin, clearing away dead cells and debris while also stimulating collagen production in the skin.

That’s why Umansky Plastic Surgery is happy to offer DiamondGlow, a breakthrough technology in exfoliation treatments to our skin care offerings. DiamondGlow takes a three-pronged approach to cleansing and stimulating healthy skin processes by combining the benefits of exfoliation, extraction and healing serum support. In essence, it’s three different treatments rolled into one.

Ten Benefits of DiamondGlow Treatments

Does What Other Exfoliation Treatments Don’t Do

Your skin does a good job at naturally protecting itself from bacteria and pathogens. That being said, these same protections can make it difficult for the skin to absorb nourishing serums. Because of the protective top layer of your skin, known as the stratum corneum, serum applications are unable to penetrate below the skin’s surface, diminishing their effectiveness. DiamondGlow combines exfoliation with nourishing serums, delivering infusions of nutrients to your skin during the exfoliation process. This one-two punch allows for maximum serum penetration.

Safe and Non-Invasive

A gentle, non-invasive procedure, DiamondGlow uses a handheld device that’s designed to exfoliate, extract and infuse the skin all at once. As the device moves across your skin, a vacuum pressure pulls the skin up into a chamber that abrades dead cells and debris. It can also be set to different pressure levels that exfoliate at varying depths. Another vacuum mechanism extracts blackheads and dirt while also suctioning up debris. Immediately after, a tip on the device infuses the skin with a serum of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

Adds Volume to the Skin

As the skin ages, it’s ability to absorb oxygen and moisture declines. The skin’s natural exfoliation processes slow down, producing new cells at a slower rate and leaving dead cells to remain on the surface. Proper exfoliation also encourages collagen production, a process that is vital for keeping your skin full and supple. A DiamondGlow procedure jumpstarts collagen production, giving the skin a more youthful, beautiful appearance almost immediately, increasing volume by nearly 70 percent within 72 hours of treatment.

Ideal for Rejuvenating Your Facial Appearance

The effects of DiamondGlow work wonders at rejuvenating your facial appearance, especially around your eyes and lips. The combined effects of deep exfoliation, extraction and serum infusion not only stimulate essential chemical processes, but also provide the skin with vital nutrients. With a fresh layer of healthy new cells, the skin’s natural processes get a powerful boost. In turn, the added nutrients delivered by the serum infusion helps your skin regain its natural vibrancy and fullness.

Treats a Variety of Skin Conditions

Over time, age, genetics and environmental factors take a toll on your skin. Before long, noticeable imperfections start to develop, such as sun damage, wrinkles, dark patches and dry patches. With a DiamondGlow treatment, you can choose between different Pro-Infusion serums, which target specific skin woes, and creating a fully customizable treatment focused on your individual needs. You have the choice between four different serum treatments:

  • Ultra-Hydrating
  • Vitamin C antioxidant nourishment
  • Brightening treatment to reduce discoloration
  • Pore Clarifying for oily and acne-prone skin

Delivers Short-Term & Long-Term Results

A DiamondGlow treatment transforms the skin in under 30 minutes. By the end of the procedure, your skin will have regained its youthful glow as your body’s natural renewal processes continue to work over the next few weeks. Fresh new cells will rise to the surface to replace the damaged ones, revealing more smooth, supple, even-toned skin. Areas of the face that were sallow or sagging take on a youthful fullness as collagen and elastin processes do their work.

No Downtime

With invasive cosmetic procedures, the time necessary for recovery can disrupt your normal work and home routines. A gentle, non-invasive treatment like DiamondGlow causes minimal side effects and requires absolutely no downtime. Depending on how your skin responds, side effects may include mild bruising, tenderness and swelling, all of which resolve on their own within one to two days. Otherwise, you’re free to resume your normal activities once the procedure is complete.

A Full-Body Treatment

The DiamondGlow handpiece comes equipped with adjustable tips that can treat almost every area of the body. While this procedure can work wonders for facial rejuvenation, the exfoliation-extraction-serum treatments produce amazing body polishing effects as well. Dry skin patches, bumpy skin and rough textures on your body become smooth, supple skin surfaces with DiamondGlow.

Areas where DiamondGlow can be used include:

  • Upper arms
  • Hands and feet
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Legs

Targets Trouble Spots

If you’re bothered by specific trouble spots, such as sun damage or stretch marks, DiamondGlow can easily target these areas. This procedure’s advanced skin resurfacing effects leave no stone unturned when it comes to eliminating bothersome imperfections. Types of problems treated by DiamondGlow include:

  • Back acne
  • Sagging skin around the eyes and lips
  • Cellulite along the thighs
  • Stretch marks
  • Dry and cracking skin along the hands and feet

Treats All Skin Types & Tones

One of the most innovative features of the DiamondGlow device is that it offers a range of treatment settings. The exfoliation feature can be set to different intensities, which allows for deeper treatments. The vacuum mechanism can also be set at different intensities to extract dirt and debris from deep inside your pores. These features make DiamondGlow customizable to suit virtually any skin type or tone.

Call Today to Schedule a DiamondGlow Treatment

With each passing year, your skin requires increasing care and nourishment to maintain a healthy glow. Likewise, when skin problems start to develop, maintaining an ongoing skin care regimen becomes all the more important.

DiamondGlow treatments offer a way to stay ahead of the curve by stimulating new skin cell growth and providing essential nutrients, hydration and protection against the elements. The end result is youthful, radiant skin years subtracted from your facial appearance. Call Umansky Plastic Surgery at 858-550-9697 to schedule a DiamondGlow treatment today.