3 Tips to Ensure the Best Outcome from Your Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery may be elective, but it is still surgery that includes risks and a recovery period. To ensure your procedure is as successful and satisfying as possible, it is important to plan ahead for your surgery and take the proper steps to help ensure a positive recovery. The staff at Umansky Plastic Surgery offers these tips for ensuring a safe and stress-free outcome from your plastic surgery procedure.

Do it for the Right Reasons

A successful plastic surgery starts with an honest evaluation of why you are considering the surgery in the first place. Common reasons for undergoing plastic surgery are the desire to alter a specific feature you have never liked or a wish to turn back the clock of time a few years. Unhealthy reasons for plastic surgery usually involve a perception that the procedure will solve one’s personal problems or ensure happiness. Those goals cannot be met through plastic surgery alone and may be an indication you are not ready to take the plunge into having a cosmetic procedure.

Give Yourself Time to Recover

Plastic surgery requires a recovery period to allow your body time to heal from the trauma of the procedure. Recovery periods vary based on the specific procedure performed, with less invasive procedures like liposuction only requiring a few days of recuperation and more elaborate procedures like a tummy tuck requiring a longer recovery. Ask your surgeon how much time you should allow for the recovery process and then give yourself that window to rest and allow your body to heal fully. Proper recovery greatly reduces the risk for complications and ensures the best possible surgical outcome.

Have a Support Network in Place

It is not unusual for plastic surgery patients to look worse before they look better. Swelling and bruising are common byproducts of surgery and it takes time for these symptoms to subside. Plastic surgery patients with unrealistic expectations about the healing process can become disillusioned or even depressed after surgery. It takes time to see the fruits of a cosmetic procedure. A support network of friends and family will help ease any early worries and provide the care needed to persevere through the recovery process until you see the aesthetic prize at the end.

Drs. William and Jeffrey Umansky strive to create a safe and positive experience for all of their plastic surgery patients in San Diego. By preparing patients well for what is to come, these surgeons ensure recovery periods are as comfortable and surgical outcomes are as successful as possible. To learn more about preparing for a plastic surgery procedure, contact Umansky Plastic Surgery for Plastic Surgery at 858-281-4560.