Beat the Crowds: Benefits of Having Plastic Surgery in the Winter

Most people don’t think about plastic surgery until the threat of bathing suit weather begins to rear its head. However, the chilly winter months can be the perfect time to go through with the surgery you have been wanting for a number of reasons. Start planning for your surgical procedure now, and you will be ready to greet summer with a beautiful new look.

Limited Sun Exposure

Many of us miss the sun during the dreary days of winter, but this is actually the perfect time to schedule your surgery and subsequent recovery. Sun exposure is usually prohibited for some time after most plastic surgery procedures. Harmful UV rays can create pigmentation problems and darken scars. By choosing to have your procedure when sunlight is limited, you give your body the best possible environment for a successful recovery. Of course, if you do venture outdoors, sun protection is recommended any time of the year.

More Rest Time

Many industries give their employees extra time off around the holidays, to spend the season with family and friends. This year, take advantage of those extra days at home to plan your recovery after plastic surgery. When everyone is spending more time at home and away from work this time of year, your choice to have plastic surgery can be made much more discreetly. Even if you have to venture outdoors, extra layers of clothing will make it easier to hide swelling and other telltale signs of surgery.

Ready for Summer

Plastic surgery, like any surgical procedure, requires a recovery period to give your body time to heal. Swelling and bruising are common after surgery, which means you are likely to look worse after plastic surgery before you look better. By scheduling your surgery now, you are giving your body ample time to heal and look fabulous before you are ready to flaunt your new look at the beach or pool. Not only will you look better; you will also feel better and ready to tackle the summer vacation months in high style.

At Umansky Plastic Surgery, we see many of our patients during the winter months, due to the numerous advantages winter surgery offers. Avoid the crowds by calling us now at 858-281-4560 to schedule your private consultation with Dr. Jeffrey or William Umansky, MD and learn more about your plastic surgery options this season.