The Secret to a Non-Surgical Cheek Lift

10868225_730312620391134_5823008232748761701_nAre you looking for a way to regain a youthful facial appearance without surgery? At Umansky Plastic Surgery, we often recommend the innovative filler Voluma for this purpose. Voluma is particularly efficient at lifting and filling the cheeks, reducing the hollowness and cheek descent that can be the result of the aging process. Voluma is the secret to a cheek lift without incisions, anesthesia or a recovery period.

What is Voluma?

Voluma is one of the newest fillers in the Juvederm line from Allergan. This product is also the only filler approved by the FDA for the correction of age-related loss of facial volume, particularly in the cheek area. This formula features proprietary Vycross technology, which produces a high concentration of crosslinked hyaluronic acid. The result is a silky smooth injectable that is easily placed for a natural look and feel. In addition, the formula contains the topical anesthetic lidocaine to ensure a comfortable procedure.

Voluma first came on the market in December 2013, and has quickly become a top choice in the dermal filler category. The injectable is unique in the way it can add fullness and youthful volume to the face, particularly the cheeks. With dramatic, long-lasting results that can last more than a year, it is no wonder Voluma is a popular injectable treatment at Umansky Plastic Surgery.

How does it Work?

Injections of Voluma typically take just a few minutes to complete and do not require any type of preparation or anesthetic beforehand. The skin is cleansed and marked for the procedure, and the injections are carefully administered in locations that will offer the best possible results. Results can be seen right away, although full results will become apparent a few days later, after swelling in the area subsides. The cheeks will appear lifted and fuller.

Both men and women can benefit from Voluma injections. In addition to treating the cheeks, the formula can also be used on the temples and the jawline. Some patients may choose to combine Voluma injections with other fillers to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles at the same time volume is added.

Drs. William and Jeffrey Umansky are both experienced with all types of injectable treatments, including Voluma. To see if Voluma is right for you, contact us at Umansky Plastic Surgery at 858-281-4560.