Five Reasons to Choose VOLUMA® XC

VOLUMA® XC injections are a dream come true for people who have struggled with facial gauntness. These filler injections fill the hollow areas of the cheeks to restore their volume. This gives a fuller appearance to the skin, reducing harsh gauntness and imparting a look of health, youthfulness, and beauty.

Five Reasons to Choose VOLUMA® XC

1. Natural product: The filler used in this injection is made of synthesized hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a substance produced naturally in the body. As such, the body will not treat this filler as a threat and so there is no chance of allergic reactions.

2. Less time consuming: The injection procedure for this filler takes very little time to complete, and the patient will be up and about very quickly. This is one of the major reasons why people who have had VOLUMA® XC injections love the procedure so much.

3. Nearly painless: Due to the presence of a local anesthetic in the fillers, the patient will experience very little discomfort during the process. For those patients who are afraid of the sting of injections, this may come as a pleasant surprise. The medical practitioners who administer the injections are experts who know how to minimize any pain and discomfort.

4. Instant results that last: For many injectables, it can take time for the results to appear. VOLUMA® XC is different. Immediately after your injections of VOLUMA® XC, you’ll notice an improvement in the volume of the treated areas. The results of this filler also last a long time; some patients have experienced the benefits of VOLUMA® XC for two years.

5. FDA-approved: This procedure has that approval of the FDA. This approval means that the procedure has been rigorously clinically tested and has been proven to be safe and reliable. When it comes to their health and safety, VOLUMA® XC patients have nothing to worry about.

The Science Behind VOLUMA® XC

A substance called hyaluronic acid is present between skin cells. This substance keeps skin firm, healthy, and beautiful. However, as you age, your body’s ability to produce this substance is reduced. Reduced hyaluronic acid production leads to a loss in the skin’s volume and firmness. As a result, the natural elasticity, moisture, and beauty of the skin are depleted.

It is commonly understood that a beautiful face has volume, has clear and sharp contours, and has healthy skin. VOLUMA® XC restores these natural aspects of beauty.

The hyaluronic acid level in your skin cells is boosted by the fillers in the injection. This gives your skin a balanced, plump appearance within with no time. Coupled with its long-lasting effects, VOLUMA® XC is one of the best volume-correction procedures available.

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