The SmartLipo Treatment Sculpts Away Stubborn Fat

Have you ever followed a balanced diet and a rigorous workout regimen and failed to see the results you were hoping for? Losing that extra stubborn fat can feel impossible. The fact is that some stubborn fat just can’t be melted away by any amount of toning exercises and dieting. This fatty tissue can only be removed through surgical intervention.

In order to get rid of that extra baggage around your abdomen, buttocks, neck, thighs, and arms for a better-contoured and more proportionate figure, many patients come in for SmartLipo treatment. This cosmetic procedure is being used by medical health providers across the world.

A Glimpse of the SmartLipo Technology

Owing to its special ability to target and remove stubborn fat, liposuction has been one of the most popular and widely accepted fat-removal procedures for men and women for decades. Now, new and improved liposuction technology is available in the form of SmartLipo.

SmartLipo is a highly advanced version of traditional liposuction and involves the use of laser energy to target and liquefy adipose tissue pockets. In addition to employing heat to melt away stubborn fat, it kickstarts the body’s natural healing process and stimulates the production of collagen protein to tone and tighten the skin for more natural-looking results.

What Does the SmartLipo Procedure Entail?

Your surgeon will perform the SmartLipo procedure under general or local anesthesia, depending on the specifics of your case. Following the application of anesthesia, a tiny incision is created in the target site, and a small tube called a cannula is inserted.

Laser energy is applied through the cannula to instantly liquefy the fat cells, making their removal much easier than with traditional liposuction. The liquified cells are then suctioned out through the cannula. Through this method, the volume of the target area is reduced.

What are the Benefits of the SmartLipo Treatment over Traditional Liposuction?

Since SmartLipo makes use of laser technology, it is very effective in breaking down stubborn fat cells that are hard to remove using conventional liposuction techniques. The SmartLipo technique also makes use of smaller incisions than traditional liposuction.

Since the laser used in the SmartLipo procedure is also helpful in sealing the blood vessels, the treatment considerably lessens swelling, bleeding, and bruising. This leads to an overall quicker and easier healing process after surgery. Since there is less post-operative discomfort, the patient is required to follow post-operative care instructions for a shorter period of time.

SmartLipo tightens tissues in the targeted area while permanently eliminating the fat cells, which reduces the chances of skin dimpling and can lead to more aesthetically appealing results.

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