Am I too Young For a Facelift?

A facelift is a surgical procedure designed to turn back the clock on your appearance by tightening up loose skin and smoothing away facial creases. The procedure is typically recommended for men and women in their 50s and beyond, as a means of reversing more advanced signs of aging. However, as techniques for facelifts have improved, some younger individuals are starting to question whether the procedure would be appropriate for them as well. If you are considering a facelift, the surgeons at Umansky Plastic Surgery can help.

The Age Factor
In the past, facelifts were recommended for patients with more advanced signs of aging, so patients were typically older. In fact, it was much more common to get a question about whether a patient was too old for a facelift, rather than too young! However, techniques for facelifts have advanced, allowing surgeons to produce more natural results that appeal to a younger patient demographic. Today, patients as young as their 40s or even late 30s may be good candidates for some type of facelift procedure.

Customizable Solutions
The facelift was once a “one-size-fits-all” affair, with a similar technique used on men and women of any age. Today, the procedure has become much more customizable, with the ability to create dramatic results typically expected with a facelift or more subtle results that address varying degrees of aging. Modified facelifts can achieve long-lasting results with less discomfort and downtime than traditional lifts, which appeals to younger patients.

Weighing Other Factors
In addition to age, there are other factors to consider when determining whether you are a good candidate for a facelift. This procedure works best on patients in relatively good health who do not smoke. The patient should also have realistic expectations for the outcome of the procedure and be prepared for the necessary recovery time to ensure the best possible results. Both men and women can benefit from facelift procedures.

Is a Facelift Right for You?
A facelift is a personal decision that should be made between a patient and surgeon. Dr. William or Dr. Jeffrey Umanksy will help identify your specific aesthetic goals and take a full medical history before determining whether a facelift is a right choice for you. The surgeons also offer a variety of techniques that allow them to tailor procedures to each individual, producing the best possible outcome. To learn more about facelifts, contact Umansky Plastic Surgery at 858-281-4560.