Should You Wait for Liposuction if More Kids are in Your Future?

Liposuction is an effective surgical method for removing isolated pockets of fat that have not responded to diet and exercise. Some women considering liposuction may wonder if it is best to have liposuction before having children or waiting until after pregnancy to undergo the procedure. While opinions on the best timing for liposuction are somewhat divided, there are a few factors to think about when determining the best timing for your liposuction procedure.

Is it Safe?
The primary concern for most women thinking about liposuction is whether the procedure will affect the safety of future pregnancies. This concern can be put to rest, because there is no evidence to suggest liposuction presents any risk to pregnancy. It is a good idea to give yourself plenty of time to heal from liposuction before getting pregnant, to ensure your body is in the best possible shape to support a growing baby during those nine months.

Liposuction Results and Pregnancy
Another concern is that the changes to the body during pregnancy will also affect the results of liposuction. This concern is not as predictable, since it is difficult to know how pregnancy might impact the body overall. Liposuction is a permanent procedure, which means fat cells that are removed during the procedure will not return. However, remaining fat cells can expand and changes to the abdomen during pregnancy may interfere with the look achieved through liposuction. Typically, results for liposuction in other areas like hips or thighs will see less change due to pregnancy.

The Loose Skin Problem
Many women find that after pregnancy, the skin in their midsection becomes somewhat loose and flabby. This can interfere with liposuction results and make a woman dissatisfied with her body contour overall. For this reason, women often pursue surgical procedures like a tummy tuck after pregnancy, to firm up the underlying abdominal muscles and remove excess, loose skin from the midsection. While this procedure will not impact previous liposuction, some women may find it is more convenient and cost-effective to wait to have any type of cosmetic treatment until they are finished having children.

The choice of when to have liposuction is a highly personal decision that should be made between a woman and her plastic surgeon. There are many factors that will go into determining whether it is best to have liposuction right away or wait until after pregnancy and childbirth. If you are considering liposuction, contact Umansky Plastic Surgery at 858-281-4560 to schedule your personal consultation with Jeffrey Umansky, MD or William Umansky, MD today.